About the Alabama Center for Architecture

The mission of the Alabama Center for Architecture is to advance the enjoyment of architecture and design through engagement, education and collaboration.


  • Bringing citizens in touch with their physical environment not only through exhibits, but also through active participation in competitions, symposia, press conferences, and workshops
  • Supporting communities in understanding the existing conditions and the future potential of their physical environments
  • Encouraging civic discourse and an open, transparent, and sustained public dialogue
  • Celebrating the design achievements of the region and presenting the design accomplishments of other parts of the world in a manner that raises our aspirations.


  • Expanding our current educational programs for Kindergarten through 12th grade
  • Providing an exhibit space for high schools and colleges to exhibit their design related work
  • Educating the communities through exhibits, lecture series, and charrettes
  • Providing a forum for professional and citizen dialogue about the importance of quality design, beautiful public spaces, good civic architecture, and sustainable, family-friendly neighborhood


  • Connecting professionals, community, and civic leaders to build high quality environments
  • Fostering collegiality and exchange between industry professionals and providing professional development opportunities for them
  • Bridging the gap between the suburbs and city on regional issues such as the environment
  • Providing gallery space to exhibit projects related to good design