dreamArchitecture 2017 Huntsville Winners

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dreamArchitecture Huntsville  2017

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DreamArchitecture Winners HUNTSVILLE 2017


Maelle Overton
Holy Family School
Keith Berg
“My dream space station. I would like a playground and a waterslide. I think a pool would be nice too!

HM, First Grade
Emmy Martin
Holy Family School
Keith Berg
“My dream space station is on the moon. Thar are aleaens living thar! And thay have a rocit if thay whot to go to a nuthr qlanet.”

HM, Second Grade
Anna-Claire Stevens
Holy Family School
Keith Berg
“My dream space station has 18 windows and has a intena that is connected to sadelights. Outside I see my brother in a rocetship going to mars and I see pretty stars and I see petty planets like earth. On the moon it has no air so I put on my space suit and go outside and I mostly see these machines flying threw space. I have a cat her name is cutie she likes to be my guide.”

HM, Third Grade
Fernanda Cervantes
Rainbow Elementary
Kerri Scroggins
“My dream space station is in the water. Nobody works there, but people live there. They just relax and enjoy.”

HM, Fourth Grade
Amara Michele Hare
Columbia Elementary
Sage Murine
“This picture shows a robot space station. It has a sun roof so electricity can go inside of the space station so you can watch TV and play games because the robot space station is so big because it’s like a home inside. And it has a lot of energy so it can go far. (The station is connected to a rocket).

HM, Fifth Grade
Ava Gustafson
Central School
Tammy Walters
“This is my dream space station. It would be a safe place to live because it features plenty of water tanks, oxygen tanks, and food. Also every thing is strapped to the floor so that the zero gravity doesn’t effect people. It has a gardening room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a tool closet, water tank closet, main hallway, an escape pod, a bedroom, a control room, and solar panels for electricity. My space station also has a platform outside with a sturdy rope so that astronauts can go outside without floating away. I hope you enjoy my dream space station!”

HM, Fifth Grade
Neria Lopez
Blossomwood Elementary
William Sanner
“My space craft is clled the ELEPTIC 3.5. It has 3 compartments, the green and blue is the control center, the yellow, orange, red and pink is the sunset, and the indigo, yellow-green and blue is the galaxy.”


Will Shirley
Monrovia Elementary
Vinchenza Sweet-Mikell
“My space station runs on jelly! It’s ultra pac man! It shoots fuel so it can go really fast forwards and backwards.”

3rd pl, First Grade
Erin Bruce
Monrovia Elementary
Vinchenza Sweet-Mikell
“I am shooting off from space. I am getting on my space station. I am going to the sun.”

3rd pl, Second Grade
Christopher Hamm
Monrovia Elementary
Vinchenza Sweet-Mikell
“My space station has my mom, dad Joel me. The engen is runs on moon rocks.”

3rd pl, Third Grade
Third Grade
Erin Derrington
Holy Family School
Keith Berg
“My spaceship is in space. The people on the space ship are the Queen. Lots of alians, and the people invited to the alians birthday party in the year 2064.”

3rd pl, Fourth Grade
Kaitlyn Lane
Riverton Intermediate
Mrs. Miller & Mrs. Murdock
“The Star Spangled Shuttle is a space habitat created for human life. It also has a ship hatch created especially for the Saturn mission that it’s on. The letter A is a room of the shuttle. It has two fans. It’s designed to take the person using it to float slowly to the bottom. Or if the person riding it wants to go to another floor they can catch the door. The point of room B is basicly the same as room A except the point of room B is to take you up. You push the button as many times to represent the floor. Room 1 is the sleeping chamber. It’s where every astronaut sleeps. Room 2 is the exercise chamber. The treadmills are nailed to the floor and they have straps to keep the astronaut tethered to it. There are also straps tied to the floor so the astronauts can do sit-ups. Room 3 is the lab room. There they can learn more about what they found, or they can do experiments. Room 4 is the astronauts hang out spot. It’s where the astronauts can have privacy and do what-ever they want. Room 5 has food toobs. Basicly anything that can survive in space.”

3rd pl, Fifth Grade
Marysa Williamson
New Market School
Amber Moore
“My space station has little hand robots so they can grab stuff, a kitten from them to eat, a lab to study. It has seats for people. You can live on my space station!”


Ella Mote
Holy Family School
Keith Berg
“My dream space station is a moon with houses. It’s colorful. It has rockets. They can fly. There are stars in the sky. You can jump high on it. There are other planets next to it. The dream space station is cool.”

2nd pl, First Grade
Laura Hunt
Central School
Tammy Walters
“The bedrooms are on one side and the kitchen is on the other one. The big purple circle is how it steers through space. The astronaut is exploring the planet Mars that is close to him. That is the only one he is exploring. His spacesuit keeps him safe so he can breathe. I think the most special thing is that there is a kitchen so you can eat and stay strong in space.”

2nd pl, Second Grade
Jose Rivera
Riverton Elementary
Tammy Walters
“The reason why I choosed this spacestation is because the thougt in my head was good, and I trusted my heart and did it. The lady next to the astroedes is commanding the devide to bum the astroedes. The space station has 5 people in it.”

2nd pl, Third Grade
Jordan Tucker
Riverton Elementary School
Tammy Walters
“I was thinking about my house. I made it like this because it looks like home so you won’t get homesick. The big house is the kitchen and living space. The medim house is the escape pod launcher. Last but not least, the small house is the green house. I also made the tunnels to crawl or slide through. The pink car at the top is an escape pod. The little thing and the bottom is the safe and the solar panel.”

2nd pl, Fourth Grade
Victoria Quintero
Holy Family School
Keith Berg
“My space station is on a galaxy called Dino Isle. Every planet has living dinosaurs. This planet is called “Greatveiw.” It is called this for 2 reasons. 1, you have a view of all the planets in the galaxy. 2, most of the buildings are made of glass, so you can see everything.”

2nd pl, Fifth Grade
Anna Parmenter
Columbia Elementary
Lisa Grice
“In my dream space station, I included turtles and donuts because I love them. My space station moves all over the galaxy and in it lives my family and friends. It is made of mostly very strong glass and almost every transportation is a slide because sometimes I don’t want to walk. ;)”


Ava Barrett
Monrovia Elementary
Vinchenza Sweet-Mikell
“My space station is round and it has hyper boosters that make it go really fast. The white smoke is from the boosters & the stars are as white as they can be. I painted over them to make them show up bright.”

1st pl, First Grade
Briana Wilkinson
Holy Family School
Keith Berg
“My dream space station. At my dream space station: the little aliens walk around.”

1st pl, Second Grade
Valerie Cortes-Garcia
Holy Family School
Keith Berg
“My space station has people in it. You can also have wifi from the top building. You will also have the colorful house in the space station.”

1st pl, Third Grade
Caleb Gardner
Lynn Fanning Elementary School
Anna Parks
“My tower and ships are called the Safe Tower. It is made of titanium and is for being safe from the apocalypse on Earth.”

1st pl, Fourth Grade
Raivyn Starr Ivy
Horizon Elementary
Elizabeth Bero
“The Destination Sirius was created to research the star Sirius. The Destination Sirius is a satellite/space shuttle positioned in the gravitational pull of the two stars that make up Sirius. The space shuttle will stay in space for 3 months and can hold up to 10 people but currently holds 6. On the side of the shuttle there is a large radio dish to collect radio waves coming from Sirius. The exterior is made of titanium and solar panels. Coming from the shuttle a large pipe transfers dirty water to a tank where it is filtered and held, on the other side of the water tank is another pipe where the water is then transferred wherever it is needed.”

1st pl, Fifth Grade
Noah Wysock
Chaffee Elementary
Lori Nelson
“My space station is purely made for defense and attacks. It has many satelites to shoot down asteroids and/or enemy space crafts. It also includes a blackhole generator which is only used in major emergencies. My space station is located in the Solar System that contains “Earth”; however, the station orbits Venus for ¾ of an Earth year and explores space for the remaining quarter.”


Third Grade
Austin Ward
Central School
Tammy Walters
“I drew my space station like it is because I wanted it to be in circles. It has escape pods and solar panels. It has different rooms and houses in a circle. It has snow men, and it has six people in one room.”